Equipment Rental

Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

With a variety of heavy lift, luffing and auxiliary boom attachments, Laramie’s lattice boom crawler cranes offer great versatility and mobility. All Crawler Cranes are computer-assisted and support safe operating guidelines through the use of audio-visual warning and control lever lockout. Laramie prides itself on the excellent condition of our cranes to insure that the customer receives the best possible product. Crawler Cranes are available on a bare rental or manned and maintained basis.

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Rough Terrain Cranes

Laramie’s rough terrain crane fleet is frequently updated in order to offer our customers the latest technology from the industry’s top manufacturers. Our fleet is primarily comprised of full power booms so both contractors and operators alike benefit from rapid assembly and disassembly. All of the cranes in our fleet are computer-assisted to ensure that machines are being run within their safe working limits. All cranes are provided with all available cab options. Heat, air conditioning, deluxe seats and joystick levers make conditions as comfortable as possible for your operators. Rough terrain cranes are available on either a bare rental or a manned and maintained basis.

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All-Terrain and Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Laramie’s mobile crane fleet offers lifting capabilities from 22 to 500 tons. Cranes are outfitted with off-settable telescoping jib extensions and have been purchased with the longest reach capabilities. Several truck cranes have quick disassembly options in order to facilitate movement on roads under reduced weight limits or during seasonal weight restrictions. All-terrain cranes and truck cranes are available on a manned and maintained basis but are also available on bare rental provided the renter has a current working agreement with Local 324 Operating Engineers Union chartered in the state of Michigan. Nationally, Laramie works in cooperation with other trades.

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Boom Trucks

Laramie’s fleet of Manitex and Terex Stinger boom trucks ranges from 12-22 ton capacities. With main boom lengths up to 88’ and total reach capabilities of up to 140’ tip height, our boom trucks are an impressive low cost solution to contractor’s lifting needs.

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Matting & Road Plate

Laramie offers our customers both rental and purchase of the best quality hardwood timber mud mats which are offered in two sizes: 4’ wide x 20’ long x 12” tall; and 4’ wide x 4’ long x 8” tall. We also offer rental of synthetic mats which are 2” tall x 40” diameter. These synthetic mats offer superior durability and are significantly lighter than wooden outrigger mats which help with ease of movement.

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Man Baskets

Laramie’s personnel lifting baskets are built in accordance with all OSHA, MIOSHA and ASME requirements and standards. All baskets offer top protection to protect the worker against falling items or tools and are outfitted with harness lanyard tie-off rails. Baskets include top rigging and an easily removed weight which makes pre-shift test lifting a breeze! Our man basket inventory includes two person and four person baskets.

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